About Us


Who are we?

Presenting Medicaid recipients with an alternative way to receive home care services, CDPAP is a statewide Medicaid program for eligible recipients. The objective of this plan is to give the consumer more control over the care that they receive and how it’s provided to them. So how does it work? When initiating home care services, instead of assigning a home health care agency or vendor that will control the selection, scheduling, and training of aides, the “consumer” or the relative, friend, family member or guardian directing his/her care performs all these functions that are normally assigned to an agency.

  • The program works through Medicaid.
  • Care from a loved one can be more comforting than a stranger.
  • Caregivers receive competitive compensation rates.
  • Being a caregiver requires no special training, license, or certificate.

What makes us special?

  • Under traditional home care services, patients receive assistance from strangers who may not prove to be reliable. This can leave the patient without the care they need. It also causes the family to worry about their loved ones. CDPAP Choice offers CDPAP home care services to provide patients with the assistance they need, while ensuring that family, or friends are involved with their care.
  • Under your Medicaid coverage, patients have the right to choose and hire a caregiver that you already know and trust. The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program allows qualified Medicaid patients to take control of their home health care needs by deciding who will serve as their caregiver.
  • This program allows patients to choose a family member or friend to provide them with at-home assistance. The caregiver, in turn, will be paid for the care that they provide. To be an eligible caregiver, they must be 18 years or older, be legally allowed to work in the United States, and have undergone a full physical examination and lab results. No special training or schooling is required either.

Enjoy the freedom and independence
of choosing your own caregiver!